For easy handling the Maestral has a differential built into the gearbox which can be locked for maximum traction or disengaged for easy turning. The 7 speed gearbox has 3 forward and 3 reverse working gears and a 4th gear designed for towing with a maximum speed of 12 km/h. Safe and easy handling is assured by the modern design, whilst height adjustable and 180 degree reversible handlebars allows for a large range of front or rear attachments to be fitted for maximum versatility.


ENGINE 4 stroke gasoline or diesel engine 5-7,3 kW. with recoil starter, max 3600 rpm
GEARBOX 7 speeds: 4 forward, 3 backward
P.T.O. 786 rpm independent from gearbox
CLUTCH dry conical or multidisc ( option )
BRAKES drum brakes on both wheels with possibility of separate activating
SPEEDS at 3000 rpm I. F+B 1,4 km/h; II. F+B 2,6 km/h; III. F+B 4,4 km/h IV. F 12 km/h
CONNECTION quick connection for attachments
HANDLEBAR height adjustable, rotational for 180°, antivibrating mechanism inbulid
SAFETY DEVICE safety switch in combination with clutch
DIFFERENTIAL with blockade
SAFETY BLOCKADE prevents activating of backward gear and working shaft simultaneously
WHEELS 4.00x12
WEIGHT 92 kg ( depends on engine type )